Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, and Ecole de Normale de Musique, Paris.

Undertook research at the Banff centre in Canada.

After winning various awards in competitions throughout Europe, 

Mahoko Nakano performed as a soloist and participated in chamber ensembles in Asia,Canada and Europe. 

Following her return to Japan, while continuing to perform nationally and internationally,

she has been actively engaged in many areas such as serving as a judge for various music competitions, 

and as a media personality at TV and radio stations. 

She also lectures at the Department of Music, Ferris University, Japan. 

She became the first Japanese medallist in the autumn of 2016, 

awarded the honour by the "Ligue Universelle du Bien Public", an U.N. associate agency. 

Her works include the book "Walking through Paris with Chopin", 

a translation of "Virtuosos in Paris" by Wilhelm von Lenz 

and "Notes on Chopin" by André Gide 

as well as album recordings of "Live" and "Romantic Time", 

published by King International.